Accounting Services frequently asked questions

More about Accountable Business Solutions, Ballarat Chartered Accountants.

Where is Accountable Business Solutions located?

Our offices are located at 618 Sturt Street, Ballarat. We can be contacted by emailing us or phone 03 5331 3118.

What sorts of accountants are Accountable Business Solutions?

We are Chartered Accountants Ballarat who provide a range of accounting services including SMSF Audits Ballarat, business taxation, asset protection, estate planning and succession planning.

I need someone to do a SMSF Audit for my Self Managed Superannuation Fund – can you do that?

Absolutely, SMSF Audits Ballarat are a speciality. We have accountants Ballarat that understand the intricacies of self managed super funds BallaratĀ and can assist with this task.

How is Accountable Business Solutions different from other Ballarat tax accountants?

While our tax accountants Ballarat are fully versed in all forms of taxation, including self managed super fund tax returns, we have a history of working with business owners in minimising their taxation liabilities. We are an ideal business tax accountant.

Why should I consider a Self Managed Superannuation Fund?

Ballarat Self Managed Super Funds give you control over your investments and can also be a useful tool in your asset protection strategy. Our chartered accountants can assist you with your self managed super fund taxation and your SMSF Audit.

Is Accountable Business Solutions anĀ accounting firm – I thought you do bookkeeping?

Accountable Business Solutions has evolved because our bookkeeping clients told us they wanted us to become a full service accounting firm Ballarat. We are staffed by accountants who have experience in all aspects of business and personal accounting.

To make an appointment with a chartered accountant at Accountable Business Solutions phone 03 5331 3118 or send us an email and we’ve get back to you as soon as we can.